Awakening Women are personal discovery retreats in Otavalo, Ecuador and its purpose is to unleash the potential of women through unique and unusual experiences. Cultural immersion, nature and community are integrated for richer and more powerful results than traditional self-discovery experiences. Dozens of women have changed their lives, perspectives, and life focus after experiencing our program. Whether attending an international retreat, engaging in a personal coaching program, joining others in an alumni adventure, or designing a custom retreat for your own group, know that you will experience insight and clarity beyond what you imagine possible.

Do you desire real growth within yourself? So do we!

Our retreats are 4 months of Engaging, Learning and Self Reflection with guidance from Trained and Certified Leadership Coaches. This is not about just a 7 day trip; its so much MORE.

Its one on one coaching to help you succeed in understanding yourself and to effectively engage and transition for better outcomes in the future.


Relaxing moments are a must in life, in order to achieve clarity. Good times and new friendships. Supportive companionships with kindred souls that also want to deepen their lives with meaning and answers.

You will be diving into the unknown of a culture that you have not experienced. Ancient rituals will help move you forward into deepening what you need to explore within yourself. Expand your mind with ancient knowledge of wisdom.

Meditation and Relaxation in Ecuador

Female Mountain

Surrounding yourself in Mother Nature’s blanket of beauty to open your eyes to more possibilities that you could ever imagine. Gain deeper knowledge of what you desire and capture it.

Learn unique techniques of releasing the daily angst and problems of life. Breathe, release and feel your body become light. Meditation is a key aspect in gaining forward momentum in growing. De-stressing allows creativity which allows peace and love to flow through us.

AM Meditation


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Life changing 7 day / 6 night experience guaranteed to change your life. Community, indigenous ceremonies, reflection and learning.

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Experienced and Skilled Trip Leaders guide you through an incredible journey that allows you to open, enjoy and

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Custom retreats, Leadership Coaching and Team Development are all available to you and your personal group or professional organization

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